Clean energy,
clean money.

Clean energy token

Watteco is a virtual platform that uses a renewable energy backed token to boost the local energy transition in a more democratic and collaborative way.

Changing paradigm

In a global context characterized by the growing energy demand, the climate emergency state and the fossil fuels scarcity, it is increasingly urgent that humanity make an energy transition towards a more sustainable paradigm.

21st century energy transition

Energy transitions are long processes where not only the energy sources we use change, but also the whole range of conversion, transport and final application technologies for this energy. In addition, any energy transition process also implies a social transition, that is, changes in the social and cultural foundations of societies.

Fossil fuels

Renewable energies

Centralized generation

Distributed generation

Capitalist economy

Ecological economics

Fiat money

Alternative monetary systems

Exponential Growth

Sustainable Development





The Watteco cycle

Smart meter

That device counts the generated energy to be able to monetize it in a token form, and it communicates via WiFi with the servers of our Blockchain.


Distributed database that stores and encrypts all information regarding the Watteco currency (users, energy contracts, transactions …).
Advanced technology at the service of all


Virtual platform through which users will interact. It is the visual interface of the platform with which they can manage the digital currency of Watteco.

Our team

Marcel Hidalgo​

Co-founder & CEO


Aleix Vila

Co-founder & CTO

Ibrahim El Wahbi

Computer Technician & Programmer

Carla Rubí