Project host

This is the profile for Local Administrations or companies in the industrial sector that want to start (fund) new renewable generation projects.


This is the profile for people and / or companies in the industrial sector who want to participate (invest) in the generation of renewable energy for their municipality or industrial estate.


This is the profile reserved for businesses that want to promote the sustainable trade of their products / services by charging with Watteco energy token.

Cycle phases

1. Investment

Investors finance projects launched by a Host to generate clean energy.

2. Return

The Host rewards investors with Wattecos based on the energy generated by each user.

3. Payment

Investors spend their Wattecos on services and products offered by Businesses.

4. Collection

Businesses accumulate Wattecos and periodically account with the Host.

5. Final

The Host pays euros to businesses based on the accumulated Wattecos.

1 watteco = 1€

Watteco's currency maintains a 1: 1 parity with the euro. This means that the economic value of 1 Watteco is 1 Euro with the peculiarity that the Watteco takes value only and exclusively through the generation of renewable energy. So, although the economic value is always the same, Watteco also has an energy value that can change depending on the project and the contract.

Energy pattern

Using a monetary pattern based on some good that is scarce and that we all need, such as renewable energy, can help improve the key functions of money: unit of account, medium of exchange, and deposit of value. In addition, it can be a way to promote renewable energy.

Local use

Using a currency that circulates in delimited spaces or territories can help incentivize the local economies of these territories, as it encourages proximity trade and, consequently, more sustainable consumption models.

Virtual and crypto

In a world where money is increasingly virtualized, using a cryptocurrency can provide security for transactions made with this currency. In addition, transactions with digital currency can be made without the need for intermediaries.

Our Technology

Distributed database that stores and encrypts all information regarding the Watteco currency (users, energy contracts, transactions …).
That device counts the generated energy to be able to monetize it in a token form, and it communicates via WiFi with the servers of our Blockchain.
Virtual platform through which users will interact. It is the visual interface of the platform with which they can manage the digital currency of Watteco.